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Food Bank of Northern Nevada - Smart Shopper

The Food Bank of Northern Nevada offers four distinct nutrition education programs. One of these programs is the SNAP-Ed funded Smart Shopper program, which promotes a healthy lifestyle on a budget for adults who are SNAP eligible or SNAP enrolled. This program is offered year round and consists of a series of nine bilingual classes that offer nutrition education and physical education components. These classes run once a week for an hour and a half each, and take place in schools or in community based settings. Participants who attend the Smart Shopper classes are provided with take-home recipes, food tastings, and time for physical activities.

Smart Shopper, and the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, campaigns around summer meals and making the community aware that food is still available. They participate in numerous community outreach events inclusive of health fair, and community events. During these community outreach events Smart Shopper always has some level of nutrition education and SNAP outreach available. They participate about two to three times a month at various organizations, and strive to take part in as many events as possible.

A mother who attended the Smart Shopper classes at one of the WCSD schools was able to lose 30lbs. and incorporate many of the learned healthy changes into her family’s diet and home life.

Audiences Served

The Smart Shopper target audience is parents, mostly mothers, whom are SNAP-eligible or SNAP enrolled.


The Smart Shopper program has many diverse community partners inclusive of Washoe County School District, Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra, Neil Road Community Center, Head Start, Care Chest, and Colorado State University.


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