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Grow Yourself Healthy

Grow Yourself Healthy (GYH) is a garden based school program that delivers instruction in 2 Washoe County Schools. It focuses on 4th and 5th grades in Libby Booth Elementary and Mariposa Academy Charter School. The Master Gardener volunteers manage and deliver the program instruction in these school based gardens. The idea of the program is to learn where your food comes from along with how to grow your own healthy food. The principles also include increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, in class sampling, and fruit/vegetable recognition. The gardens are divided and managed by each 4th and 5th grade class. We also provide classroom and garden experiences for grades K-3 with a few activities for each class.

“This program has created a sense of community through the annual Salsa Contest and the family garden activities. Families are actively engaged in the garden and have a feeling of pride that their children helped to grow the garden. There is whole family involvement and a sharing of ‘family recipes.'”

Audiences served

4th and 5th grade students at Libby Booth Elementary School and Mariposa Academy Charter School, as well as their parents.


  • Washoe County School District
  • Food Bank
  • Teachers
  • Cooperative Extension Master Gardners


Website: http://www.unce.unr.edu/programs/health/index.asp?ID=73

Sarah Chvilicek, 4-H Program Coordinator, 775-784-4848

Becca Haack-Damon, Community Based Instructor III, 775-784-4848