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Healthy Native Kids

The Healthy Native Kids program offers 17 diverse classes that are aimed at lowering rates of obesity by encouraging and empowering positive lifestyle changes for Native American youth in the Te-Moak Western Shoshone region. These 17 classes, a part of the Healthy Native Kids program, are offered at different locations: Head Start (4 classes), Elko Band Education Center: ABC Preschool (2 classes), Intertribal Council of Nevada (1 class), Flagview Intermediate Special Need Class (1 class), Silver Street Head Start (4 classes), Tutor Program (1 class), Wells Native Dance Class (1 class), Battle Mountain Dance Class (1 class), Elko Dance Class (2 classes). Each of the seventeen classes offer nutrition education and physical activity components. Classes vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length, with classes being taught at the site locations. Each class is unique in its own way, but they all attempt to reach the ultimate goal of lowering obesity rates by increasing physical activity and encouraging healthy eating habits.

Class Examples:
• Head Start: Utilize the Fun Kid Fit Curriculum – Aerobic Fitness Consultant Incorporate. The classes at Head Start are six weeks in length with classes offered once a week. Topics presented during the class include health and fitness, lifecycles, and organ systems.
• Native American Dance Class: the Native Dance Classes are offered year round, once weekly with classes lasting one hour each. These classes not only incorporate culture and native dance, but nutrition education components and healthy snacks are also provided during each class.

The Healthy Native Kids program had a little preschool girl that received a MyPlate portion food plate. Every time she saw Courtney (Healthy Native Kids instructor) she would yell out, “You are the one that gave me my MyPlate!” The little preschool girl continues to use the MyPlate portion plate. Courtney used to bring snacks in and this same little preschool girl tasted blackberries for her first time and to this day continues to eat and enjoy them.

Program Manager

Audiences Served

  • Children age 3 to 5
  • Youth 6 to 18


  • Head Start
  • Elko County School District
  • Te-Moak Diabetes Center
  • Nevada Dept. of Health and Human Services
  • T-Moak bands in Battle Mountain and Wells
  • Elko band Education Center
  • Aerobic Fitness Consultant Incorporate



Courtney Miller
Kid-Fit Coordinator
Te-Moak Diabetes Prevention Program