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Help of Southern Nevada - Baby First Services

This program provides services to clients that include, guidance and education needed to deliver a baby at at a healthy weight. This includes prenatal courses, healthy habits courses, healthy eating and nutrition, smart shop course, safe sleep course and car seat safety.

Mariah came back at the beginning of July and started taking our Healthy Habits classes. She completed all of the classes by the end of the month and on July 31, 2017 she attended our safe sleep class where she received her brand new pack n play. This means her baby will now have a safe place to sleep and they won’t have to share beds. During the Healthy Habit classes she learned a lot about healthy eating and managing her food stamp benefits. Once Mariah completed the classes we also provided her with a brand new diaper bag filled with baby toiletries which were donated to us by HELPING HAND.

Audiences Served

  • At risk and pregnant moms
  • Mothers up to the baby’s first birthday


  • Southern Nevada Children’s First
  • Clark County School District and sites
  • Silver Mesa Rec Center


Kelly Robson
Jennifer Varsallona