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Parks Project

parks programAssessments were done focusing on utilization of parks and open spaces in some of the community’s highest risk neighborhoods. Open spaces, including parks, are valuable assets in providing free, accessible opportunities for increased physical activity; however, the assessment found that parks are currently underutilized in our highest risk communities. The assessment and research indicate opportunities for environmental changes in parks and open spaces to influence increased physical activity and promotion of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The parks project provides environmental supports and cues to support physical activity and promotion/consumption of healthy foods and beverages.  Projects include installation of signage and collaboration and partnership with businesses and community agencies to hold events at low-income neighborhood parks.

Audiences Served

Families living in low-income neighborhoods and park visitors.


  • City of Reno Parks and Recreation
  • City of Sparks Parks and Recreation
  • Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation
  • Food Bank of Northern Nevada
  • Rethink Your Drink


Washoe County Health District
Website: http://www.gethealthywashoe.com
Email: GetHealthy@washoecounty.us