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Rethink Your Drink Nevada

Rethink Your Drink Nevada is a social marketing campaign that promotes healthy beverage choices and reduced intake of sugary drinks. The multi-faceted campaign utilizes direct mail to households with children, social and digital media, and outdoor and newspaper advertising to communicate with their target audience, parents of children 6-12 years-old. In addition, Rethink Your Drink Nevada has partnered with over one hundred medical and dental health practitioners in all counties of Nevada, excluding Clark County, to reinforce the message about healthy drink choices.  To accomplish this, practitioners are provided with a free Rethink Your Drink Toolkit which includes educational brochures in English and Spanish, posters, stickers for children, and drink models that display the sugar content of a typical soda.  Rethink Your Drink has also collaborated with grocery stores in 6 counties.  Each of the partnering stores is provided with a variety of free healthy drink recipe cards for their customers.  The displays are often positioned near the produce section to encourage customers to purchase the fresh fruits and vegetables included in the recipes.

“Parents and guardians who read our brochures are more likely to monitor and limit theirchild’s intake of sugary drinks. I think that speaks to the effectiveness of our written materials. It is hard to take credit statewide, but there has been a decline in consumption of sugary drinks.”

Jamie Benedict, Ph.D.

Professor, University of Nevada, Reno

Audiences Served

Rethink Your Drink targets primarily parents of children age 6-12 years.


  • Healthcare practitioners
  • Grocery stores
  • Washoe County Health District
  • University of Nevada Cooperative Extension


Program Director – Jamie Benedict, Ph.D., R.D., L.D.
University of Nevada / MS 202
1664 North Virginia Street
Reno, Nevada 89557
Phone: 775-784-6445