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Wolf Pack Coaches Challenge

The Wolf Pack Coaches Challenge (WPCC) is a voluntary program for elementary school classrooms that promotes increased opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating among students.  Students participate over four consecutive weeks to earn points for prizes by eating fruits and vegetables in and out of school, participating in one-minute “Brain Breaks” with moving-learning activities and engaging in 15 minute physical activity sessions in and out of school.

Educational lessons are provided for teachers to use during the course of the program and are fully adaptable to fit each unique classroom’s needs, while meeting state and federal education standards.  At the end of the program, winning classrooms are selected at each grade level for having the highest average class point totals.

“The class chart and student trackers were a great way to organize work and encourage participation. I thought the lessons were high quality, easy to incorporate into the classroom and modify for my appropriate grade level. The incentives are appropriate too while also being motivating!”

3rd Grade Teacher

Sepulveda Elementary , Washoe County School District

“Students physical activity increased as we participated in the program. I feel the program informed students of healthy choices and made them aware of what they’re eating. Students who were Wolf Pack fans were super excited to watch the basketball team. We talked about the physical activity and eating healthy to be a great athlete.”

2nd Grade Teacher

Donner Springs Elementary, Washoe County School District

Audiences Served

Title 1 Elementary school students and parents


  • Washoe County School District
  • Nevada Athletics (University of Nevada, Reno)


Washoe County Health District

Website: http://www.gethealthywashoe.com

Email: GetHealthy@washoecounty.us