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The Little Books & Little Cooks program is a seven-week parenting education series for preschool-age children (3 to 5 years old) and their parents. Its curriculum is based on a parenting education needs assessment performed in southern Nevada in 2011 and previous nutrition and parenting research.

During the program, children and parents come together to learn about healthy eating and nutrition and gain positive parent-child interaction skills by both reading children’s books about healthy eating and cooking. Reading books about nutrition and healthy eating allows both children and parents to learn not only about the main topics, but also new vocabulary.

Cooking and eating together offers children a way to learn pre-kindergarten skills (math, science, physical development, health and nutrition, literacy development, social development and creative arts) and try new nutritious foods. The LBLC program enrolls a maximum of 10-12 families per class with two instructors present for each class. The classes are one and a half hours in length and available once a week for seven weeks.

By utilizing real foods and real utensils the LBLC program makes experiences exciting and relatable for families. Families learn how to cook together, children get hands on experience and practice school readiness skills, parents learn how to interact with their own children, and everyone learns how to prepare healthy foods for snacks. The cooking aspect is what the parents and children like the most about the program, and the feedback LBLC receives from families is very positive in regards to child behavior change. Parents have noticed that after the LBLC program their children are more willing to try new foods, eat fruits and vegetables more often, have an increased ability to recognize foods, and regularly assist in cooking at home.

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“Learned a lot on how to feed my kids better, and healthy choices.”

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Audiences Served

Low-income families with preschool-age children (3 to 5) in Clark County.

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Sunrise Children’s Foundation – WIC, Family to Family Connection, Clark County School District – FACES & Title 1 elementary schools, Las Vegas Clark County Library District, City of North Las Vegas Parks & Recreation, City of Henderson Public Libraries, City of Las Vegas Parks and Recreation, City of Henderson Parks and Recreation, Acelero Learning Centers (Head Start), Three Square, Fresh 52 Farmers Markets, Junior Master Gardener and Master Gardner Cooperative Extension programs.

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University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
YaeBin Kim
(702) 257-5521

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