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NyE Communities Coalition promotes healthy organizations, people and environments (HOPE) across Nye, Esmeralda, and Lincoln Counties. The NyE Communities Coalition (NYECC) SNAP-Ed program have two primary areas: instruction/program delivery and environmental change. NyE Communities Coalition promotes healthy organizations, people and environments (HOPE) across Nye, Esmeralda, and Lincoln Counties.

The NyE Communities Coalition (NYECC) SNAP-Ed program has two primary areas: instruction/program delivery and environmental change. NyE Communities Coalition SNAP-Ed funding is utilized for their All 4 Kids program, Eating Smart-Being Active program, Cooking Matters program, Food Pantry program, and for implementing environmental strategies. The All 4 Kids program is for preschool aged children and their families and promotes healthy behavior change, literacy skills, math skills, and developing child motor functions. The Eating Smart-Being Active component of this SNAP-Ed grant promotes healthy eating and active living among adults and their families.

Additionally, the Cooking Matters program is for adults and their families to promote smart shopping, the utilization of nutrition information to make healthier food choices, and to cook affordable and tasteful meals. The Food Pantry program of this SNAP-Ed grant provides recipes and food tastings at local food pantries to participants picking up their food box in order to facilitate communication and demonstrate food preparation and healthy recipes.

Finally, the NyE Communities Coalition utilizes SNAP-Ed funding to implement environmental strategies to encourage increased physical activity and healthy eating behavior. Some of the environmental changes that promote these goals of increased fitness and healthy eating include collaborating with Green Our Planet to build a school garden, converting an old golf course into usable walking paths, and providing fitness fairs with instructor led classes. NyE Communities Coalition uses their SNAP-Ed funding to provide extensive wellness programming and resources to the community with the overarching goal of improving health and behavior.

The time and length of each NyE Communities Coalition wellness classes are different based on participant demographic, class location, and class occupancy.

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“NyECC will build a school garden this year with collaboration from community partners.”

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Audiences Served

For all NyE Communities Coalition wellness classes the target audience is low-income families. For the individual programs the target audiences are more specific: the All 4 Kids program targets preschool aged children and their parents; Eating Smart Being Active is aimed at adults and families; Cooking Matters was created for families and adults; the Food Pantry programming is designed for senior citizens; the environmental strategies that promote community wide health is meant for all-ages.

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The primary partners for the SNAP-Ed program delivery component are Nevada Outreach Training Organization and Nye County School District. NyE Communities Coalition has a vast amount of community partners inclusive of Food Banks: Path of Hope, Salvation Army, Methodist Church; State of Nevada Rural Mental Health Clinics (Pahrump Counseling Center); gymnasiums across Nye County; Pahrump Community Library; Nye County Health and Human Services; UNCE Clark County: 4-H; Pahrump and Tonopah Cooperative Extensions.

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NyE Communities Coalition
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