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The mission of NyE Communities Coalition is to grow Healthy Organizations, People and Environments (HOPE) across Nye, Esmeralda and Lincoln Counties by joining together individuals, organizations, and agencies in a cooperative and collaborative effort to increase services and opportunities.  For more information, contact Matteline Becker, Matteline@nyecc.org  or Tamalyn Taylor, Tamalyn@nyecc.org


  • Produce Pick of the Month – This curriculum is delivered to 2nd and 3rd grade students in the S.A.F.E. After School program in Pahrump.  Students receive instruction along with a wellness newsletter for the family; “bingo” cards that promote healthy eating and physical activity; and a food tasting once each month.
  • Cooking Matters for Teens – A weekly cooking class delivered to middle school students in the S.A.F.E.   After School program in Pahrump.  Students are taught cooking skills along with dietary guidelines for living a healthier lifestyle.
  • Eating Smart-Being Active – This curriculum is delivered to adults and addresses topics on: physical activity; nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices; food resource management (saving money at the grocery store); planning and preparing healthy meals and food safety.
  • NyECC Community Fitness Classes – Yoga and Qigong classes are taught to older adults on a weekly basis in Pahrump and Tonopah. Weekly Karate classes are taught to youth and adults in conjunction with other life affirming and work skills programming. (Pahrump)
  • Healthy Pantries Initiative – A SNAP-Ed Coordinator maintains a working relationship with local food pantry managers in addition to attending monthly Community Outreach Meetings where Food Security Issues are discussed. The Gleaning@NyECC Program was started in 2019 to facilitate partnerships between growers and food pantry managers that increase fruit/veggie consumption of clients at food pantries.  NyECC maintains a demonstration garden on the NyECC campus for educational purposes as well as donations to food pantries.
  • Bingocize Is a 10-week health promotion program that targets older adults. It combines the game of bingo with fall prevention exercise.  The program has been shown to increase older adults’ functional fitness, health knowledge, and social engagement in a variety of settings. Virtual and in-person programs offered in Pahrump and Tonopah.