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No, based on SNAP-Ed Guidance, facilitating programming in a prison is prohibited due to SNAP-eligibility.

No, there is not restrictions on faith-based volunteers.

No, per the SNAP-Ed Guidance, renting land space is prohibited.

Check the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework Toolkit to identify costs for curricula. If the cost is not listed, you must contact the developers to identify a cost. If this isn’t complete by the grant application deadline, estimate the cost to the best of your ability.

Unfortunately, there is a strict deadline of Monday, July 13 by 5pm PT to submit applications. Various other timelines depend on this, so we cannot grant extensions. However, project plans can be revised during the negotiation period if needed.

The best way to contact us is by e-mail : sxcook@dwss.nv.gov and txwolf@dwss.nv.gov

It’s okay to submit more than one document. Please label them accordingly so it’s easy to identify.

Funding depends on multiple variables. All projects must be line-itemed in the Budget Workbook with justification embedded in the Plan Narrative and Project Work Plan. All applications will be reviewed and scored by a Review Committee to grade the project details. Funding is also dependent on number of agencies funded based on the State of Nevada final allocation by FNS.

Yes, you must use the curriculum approved by the State of Nevada for direct education interventions. Check the list here.

Yes, fringe benefits are allowed.

Yes, you must list the site name and the intervention name, with the zip code. This document is to help identify cross-over and to pin these sites on a GIS map. Nevada SNAP-Ed must identify where the gaps are throughout the State when determining the dissemination of SNAP-Ed funds.

No, the Budget Workbook should only reflect Year 1 costs. However, the Plan Narrative must discuss what costs may be alike or different in Year 2. A conceptual description is allowed.

A: The Grant Application that is submitted is for a two-year project period, in which you must document the interventions for Year 1 and discuss (in the Plan Narrative) how you will progress into Year 2. It’s important to document what Year 2 will look like. The details and budget of Year 2 will come later, as Year 2 approaches.