Programs by County

Washoe County

The Wolf Pack Coaches Challenge is a voluntary program for elementary school classrooms that promotes increased opportunities for physical activity and educates student about healthy eating.  Students participate over four consecutive weeks to earn points for prizes by eating fruits and vegetables, participating in “Brain Breaks” with moving-learning activities and engaging in 15 minute physical activity sessions in and out of school.

Educational lessons are provided for teachers to use during the course of the program and are fully adaptable to fit each unique classroom’s needs, while meeting state and federal education standards.  At the end of the program, winning classrooms are selected at each grade level for having the highest average class point totals.

To learn more:

Rethink Your Drink Nevada is a social marketing campaign that promotes healthy beverage choices and reduced intake of sugary drinks. The multi-faceted campaign utilizes direct mail to households with children, social and digital media, outdoor and newspaper advertising, and signage in elementary school cafeterias to communicate with parents and children. In addition, Rethink Your Drink Nevada has partnered with over one hundred medical and dental health practitioners in 11 counties to reinforce the message about healthy drink choices.

To accomplish this, practitioners are provided with a free Rethink Your Drink Toolkit which includes educational tearsheets in English and Spanish, posters, stickers for children, and drink models that display the sugar content of a common sugary drinks. Rethink Your Drink has also collaborated with grocery stores in seven counties. Each of the partnering stores is provided with a variety of free healthy drink recipe cards for their customers. The displays are often positioned near the produce section to encourage customers to purchase the fresh fruits and vegetables included in the recipes.

Rethink Your Drink Nevada resources including delicious drink recipes and brochures for parents and young, school-aged children can be found at

Smart Shopper

Smart Shopper is a series of classes offered by the Food Bank of Northern Nevada that promotes a healthy lifestyle on a budget. Each session consists of 7, hour and a half long classes. Each class incorporates discussions, activities, food tastings, and time to be physically active. Classes are hosted by neighborhood schools where many families have been identified to be SNAP-eligible.

Seniors Eating Well

Seniors Eating Well is a series of classes offered by the Food Bank of Northern Nevada that aims to improve the health, nutrition knowledge and behaviors of older adults. It focuses specifically on reducing sodium intake, increasing healthy fats, healthy snacking, preparing fruits, vegetables & whole grains, reading nutrition labels, and physical activity. Each session consists of 8, one hour classes on a specific topic.

Healthy Pantry Initiative

Healthy Pantry Initiative is nutrition education information that is delivered to families and individuals who seek emergency food assistance at food pantry partners of FBNN. Partner Agencies may choose to become “healthy pantries” and support environmental changes to their pantries to make the healthiest food choices the easiest choice for pantry users. FBNN staff provides nutrition training to food pantry staff and volunteers.

For information on the classes and the monthly calendar visit: or call 775-331-3663.

Clark County

Providing information, programs and training grounded in research to help every Nevadan thrive.

Healthy Eating Programs

A healthy diet helps pave the way to a healthy heart, strong bones and muscles, a sharp mind, and so much more.  Learn more about all the programs offered:

SNAP into Farm-Fresh Foods Program

The SNAP into Farm-Fresh Foods Program in northern Nevada centers on the importance of filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables while using SNAP benefits to do so. In the one-time 20-60 minute class, you will learn about the closest farmers markets to you that accept SNAP benefits and how to use your SNAP benefits at farmers markets.  Learn more:

Carson City Community Garden

The Community Garden is available to community members who are interested in growing their own vegetables, herbs and flowers. For 18 years, Extension’s Community Garden Program, in partnership with Carson City Parks and Recreation, has offered 25 4-by-16-foot garden beds to new and returning community gardeners. Learn more:

Grow Your Own Nevada

Extension is offering eight “Grow Your Own, Nevada!” classes in spring and four classes in fall statewide to help Nevadans who want to get on a path to more sustainable, local, healthy living by growing and preserving more of their own food.  Learn more:

Grow Yourself Healthy

Grow Yourself Healthy works with students at Libby Booth Elementary School and Mariposa Academy in Washoe County to increase their willingness to taste new fruits and vegetables, overall consumption of vegetables, and physical activity. The program also aims to decrease their screen time and consumption of sugary drinks.  Learn more:

Healthy Eating on a Budget

The Healthy Eating on a Budget program has been integrated into the TANF Work Readiness workshop as a SNAP-Ed program. The purpose of the 8-lesson series is to provide SNAP recipients with education on healthy nutrition and physical activity practices, food resource management, food safety and food security.  Learn more:

Healthy Kids Festival

The goal of the Healthy Kids Festival is to provide sustainable tools and opportunities for low income families with young children (ages 3-8) to make healthy choices as he/she approaches the adolescent years. The event, hosted by Extension’s All 4 Kids Program in collaboration with local community partners provides long term solutions to childhood obesity through physical activity, healthy eating and other behaviors related to childhood obesity prevention.  Learn more:

Healthy Kids Resource Center

The Healthy Kids Resource Center is a one-stop shop for evidence-based research, resources, curricula, activities and materials that focus on obesity prevention for teachers and parents of young children. It is designed to educate parents and teachers as well as provide the tools needed to teach young children how to live a healthy lifestyle.  Learn more:

Youth Horticulture Education Program

The Youth Horticulture Education Program (YHEP) is a program of Clark County Extension. The program offers horticulture projects for youth, families and educators, in collaboration with community volunteers and partners.  Learn more:

Open-Air Markets

Lutheran Social Services of Nevada holds free, farmer’s market-style food distributions in food desert area around Las Vegas. The items we give away vary depending on availability, but in the past we have included fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, water, crackers and bread, and more! Open-Air Markets are hosted around the valley at different locations throughout the month.

For an up-to-date list of upcoming Open-Air Markets, please see our Facebook events at

Cooking Matters

Lutheran Social Services of Nevada is proud to host Cooking Matters, a six-week, evidence-based course to help teach students learn about nutrition, how to cook healthy meals on a budget, and how to incorporate exercise into their daily lives. Each class provides students with groceries to cook a meal at home and free goodies to help them on their nutrition journey!

For more information, contact LSSN’S Health Educator Jennifer Link-Cuadrado at

DigiMart Food Pantry

LSSN’s DigiMart Food Pantry is the first online, digital food pantry in the country. Clients are able to choose their own food using a computer kiosk at LSSN or from their home computer or smartphone and pick their order up at LSSN. Clients are assigned a certain number of points every month that they may spend to purchase items through the DigiMart while shopping. While we empower our clients to choose the foods they like, we also encourage healthy choices by color-coding items according to their sugar and fat content and by making healthy items cost fewer points.

In light of COVID-19, the DigiMart Food Pantry is currently distributing Emergency Food Boxes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and no preregistration is necessary. We are always in need to volunteers to help pack orders and help serve our clients. For more information or to volunteer, contact Tristan Hightower at

Volunteering at LSSN

Lyon and Storey Counties

The Healthy Food Hub

The Healthy Food Hub is a regional effort to increase access to affordable, local and sustainably grown food.  These collective efforts to create a Healthy Food Hub have been made possible through the work of many local farmers, community volunteers and dozens of groups partners.  Learn more at:

Community Roots

Community Roots is located in Dayton, Nevada which is about 15 miles east of Nevada’s capitol, Carson City.  We provide beautiful, high quality plants, trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetable plants.

What makes Community Roots unique is our nonprofit, self-sustaining status that allows us to help support other programs in the Dayton area.  We focus largely on youth empowerment through the Nursery, Farmers Market and our School Gardens.


If you have some time, we would like you to share that with others making our communities better. Call us today to see where your gifts intersect with the needs of your community. Food pantries, community and school gardens, helping seniors, helping kids, fixing things, researching –all you have to be is willing!

Some Current Volunteer Needs–call us at 246-7550 for a list of possibilities.

Nye County

The mission of NyE Communities Coalition is to grow Healthy Organizations, People and Environments (HOPE) across Nye, Esmeralda and Lincoln Counties by joining together individuals, organizations, and agencies in a cooperative and collaborative effort to increase services and opportunities.  For more information, contact Tamalyn Taylor, SNAP-Ed Program Coordinator,


  • All 4 Kids – This curriculum is delivered to preschool children and families living in Pahrump and Amargosa Valley.  The weekly sessions encourage healthy eating habits and being active every day.
  • Pick a Better Snack – This curriculum is delivered to 2nd and 3rd grade students in the S.A.F.E. After School program in Pahrump.  Students receive instruction along with a wellness newsletter for the family; “bingo” cards that promote healthy eating and physical activity; and a food tasting once each month.
  • Cooking Matters for Teens – A weekly cooking class delivered to middle school students in the S.A.F.E.   After School program in Pahrump.  Students are taught cooking skills along with dietary guidelines for living a healthier lifestyle.
  • Eating Smart-Being Active – This curriculum is delivered to adults and addresses topics on: physical activity; nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices; food resource management (saving money at the grocery store); planning and preparing healthy meals and food safety.
  • NyECC Community Fitness Classes – Yoga and Qigong classes are taught to older adults on a weekly basis. Weekly Karate classes are taught to youth and adults in conjunction with other life affirming and work skills programming.
  • Healthy Pantries Initiative –Food security issues are addressed through monthly meetings with food pantry and community resource managers.  NyECC will implement a gleaning program meant to facilitate partnerships between growers and food pantry managers that would increase fruit/veggie consumption of clients at food pantries.  NyECC plans to maintain a demonstration garden on the NyECC campus for educational purposes.
  • Bingocize is a 10-week health and wellness program that targets older adults.  This program will be offered in Pahrump starting in 2021.   It combines a bingo-like game with exercise and health education.  The program has been shown to increase older adults’ functional fitness, health knowledge, and social engagement in a variety of settings.