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PEARS Program Evaluation and Reporting System

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The Nevada SNAP-Ed Program has secured a contract with the Kansas State University Research Foundation (KSURF) to implement the Program Evaluation and Reporting System (PEARS) to gather evaluation data. This is a web-based data-management system that helps nutrition education professionals manage program data and demonstrate impact. Using PEARS, Nevada professionals can select or build evaluation instruments specific to the needs of each program they deliver, enter program information and response data, and access various reporting features.

PEARS tracks details about educator activities such as:

  • Direct education interventions
  • Indirect activities such as newsletters, radio interviews, etc.
  • Policies, systems, and environmental changes
  • Social marketing
  • Partnerships and Coalitions
  • Success Stories

Administrators can monitor progress and quickly pull data to assess impact and promote a culture of continual improvement. Additional tools help streamline annual funding agency reports such as EARS. Management tools help track professional development, action plans, and annual performance reviews. Ongoing additions to PEARS are developed in partnership with our clients and evaluation professionals.