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100+ Clark County Students Enter Green Our Planet’s Get Healthy Challenge

Making and keeping healthy habits is always important, but during a pandemic, staying healthy is more important than ever! That’s why our partner Green Our Planet teamed up with Caesars Entertainment, SNAP-Ed, and the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services to host the Get Healthy Challenge. Over the past two months, the challenge called on students across Nevada to submit short videos showcasing what they do to stay healthy.

Green Our Planet’s programming helps students learn about health and nutrition through school gardens and indoor hydroponic gardens. They provide nutrition education to students through online video lessons and in-person nutrition lessons. Green Our Planet’s Chef Nutrition Specialists go into each school showing the students how to prepare healthy, delicious recipes using student-grown produce. Through this program, students connect to where their food comes from, learn how to make healthy recipes, and gain an understanding of the importance of eating a nutritious diet.

By teaching students how to grow their own fresh food, Green Our Planet’s programming helps students develop healthy habits at school and at home. But they wanted to learn more about how students were staying healthy during this unique school year.

The Get Healthy Challenge had an amazing turn out, and Green Our Planet received 115 video entries! With the help of Chef Zach Hillberry, Green Our Planet Board Member and Director of Food and Beverage at Caesars Entertainment, Green Our Planet made the very tough decision to pick the top 3 winners.

FIRST PRIZE Skylar from Bass Elementary School

SECOND PRIZE Wyland and Weston Gilmore from Clark Middle School and Cashman Middle School

THIRD PRIZE Chelsie from Bass Elementary School

From exercising and getting enough sleep to growing and eating fresh fruits and veggies at home, Nevada’s students are making lifelong habits that will keep them happy and healthy for years to come. These students are sure to continue spreading their healthy habits and will inspire their communities to get healthy, too!

Green Our Planet will run more competitions like this in the future, so stay tuned!